Sometimes you should allow yourself to be surprised...

Because good cuisine should always be celebrated – and it simply does you good, every now and then, not having to worry about every single detail.

That’s the thought constantly at the back of our mind in our restaurant Die Stub’n, offering a peaceful dining ambience we invite you to experience for yourself. With just a few tables available, we successfully preserve a sense of individuality and intimacy. We don’t present the classic menu you would encounter elsewhere – rather, we prefer to conjure up meals that highlight regional, seasonal ingredients. Incidentally, if you have any food intolerances, simply let us know in advance.

Along with our culinary surprises, we also offer perfectly matched companion wines. Table reservations are requested, for the reasons we just mentioned.

Sauna & Wellness im eigenen Chalet - Salzburger Land

September Menu

What it looks like today

  • BREAD and a few small extras
  • VENISON, marinated raw
    Porcini mushrooms pickled, bearberries and orange
  • CELERY two ways, summer truffles
    Bergkäse cheese
  • HOKKAIDO, coconut milk
    Ginger, lemongrass
  • ARCTIC CHAR, spruce tips,
    autumn vegetables, Riesling espuma
  • Our DUROC, parsnip,
    wild broccoli, Madeira
  • CHEESE from Lungau, pine aspic
    vanilla ice cream
  • Bread with olive oil and a few small extras € 4.-
  • Surprise in 3 courses € 56.-
  • Companion wines for 3 courses € 34.-
  • Surprise in 4 courses € 64.-
  • Companion wines for 4 courses € 40.-
  • Surprise in 5 courses € 73.-
  • Companion wines for 5 courses € 47.-

Our comfortable apartments.

They guarantee relaxed arrival and an even more relaxing stay. Our apartments are available in different sizes for two to eight people.

Wine shop, for here and for home.

Wines from the best wine-growing regions of Austria come to us here in Salzburger Lungau: including top estates in Lower Austria, Burgenland, Carinthia and Southern Styria. This way to our online shop.

Your own holiday realm